Airport Wait

“Please call me as soon as you can,” said the voicemail. Oh, no, I thought. This can’t be good. I called my friend and traveling companion and found out that she isn’t able to fly out today. My poor friend spent last night in the ER with an awful stomach bug. She won’t leave Nashville until Tuesday. Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

I’m now at BNA, waiting to board. I’m amazed at how calm everything is on this Sunday after Thanksgiving. Usually, it’s a zoo at the airport on this post-holiday weekend. I also had my first experience with the infamous “naked machine.” I hope my picture isn’t plastered all over the Internet.

I’ll be traveling for the next 24 hours, plus some–Detroit, Amsterdam, Cape Town. It has been sunny and nice in Nashville for the past few days, but today it has turned cold and rainy. It will be nice to have summer again for 10 days.

I’m excited about what waits for me on the other side of the pond. Let the adventure begin–well, after I and my luggage arrive safely


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