Too Young to Die

Within a matter of minutes, I received news this morning that a childhood friend of mine and a cousin of mine passed away. They were both young men, my age. The day has been wrought with emotions—shock, disbelief, sadness, anger, despair for the families. Young people are not supposed to die.

As a SAMS missionary, one of the things I have to do before I depart for the field is to make a will. I had this task on my to-do list for July, but I still haven’t done it. I have been putting it off. I don’t like to think about my immortality. There is something unsettling thinking about my demise. I should still be dreaming about my wedding, not thinking about my funeral. Young people are not supposed to die.

I plan to live for scores to come, and longevity runs in my family. I picture myself being a grumpy, but lovable old woman full of spunk. And I see myself “going out” at the ripe of old age of 100+ doing something I enjoy—playing tennis, belly-laughing at an I Love Lucy episode, traveling.

But the events of today serve as a reminder to me that life is a precious and holy gift. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Life is precious and holy. Let’s never take it for granted.


11 thoughts on “Too Young to Die

  1. Nicole,
    so sorry for your personal loss and that of your family and friends. I remember how on our first trip to South Africa I was struck by how What stuck out by how they view death differently than we do in the West. They live with death constantly because of the AIDS, malaria and poverty. It isn’t as though they delight it in, but they do embrace it as part of God’s plan. They know that it is only when we accept death that we can truly live here on Earth, but living in the hope that we have and the expectation of our eternal life with God. Because they know that death is inevitable, they live each moment with joy, as if it could be their last. I pray that tonight God will give you comfort in your losses.
    With love,

    1. Thanks, Agatha. While I was writing this blog post, I was thinking about South Africa, where death and dying is a constant presence among young people. I hope to learn many things from my South African family, including a different outlook on death.

  2. Hi Nicole

    So sorry to hear about your sad loss. Condolences from all of us here at Growing the Church. May our Lord comfort you with many practical embraces.

    Love and greetings from all of us here in South Africa,

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