God Moments

At this point in my preparation for the big move, it is easy for me to lose God in the details. But sometimes God surprises me in unexpected ways, reminding me of his faithful presence and guidance along my journey and of his work in the lives of others and in the world.

This week, I have seen God in the young family who invited me over to dinner to talk with their kids about my future work in South Africa. On so many levels, this couple “gets it,” perhaps even more than I do, as they try to cultivate hearts of compassion in their children.

I have seen God in one of my self-defense instructors who has used a family tragedy to help we women better protect ourselves.

Penguins in South Africa? Yes. Another God Surprise? Perhaps.

I have seen God in my new friend who is going through a painful breakup. Instead of allowing the pain and hurt to drive him away from God, my friend is turning to God, growing deeper in faith.

I have seen God in a couple who, upon learning of a connection with a mutual friend, invited me, a mere stranger, to their dinner party. At the gathering, I reconnected with some old high school and college friends and I made new friends. This couple has the gift of hospitality and a love for South Africa; I’m glad I can call them friends.

These are some extreme examples of “God moments,” but I believe each day is filled with God’s touches and flourishes. Unfortunately, I’m often too busy to notice them. I’m praying to be more aware of God in my everyday life.


6 thoughts on “God Moments

  1. Love this. My friend and I have a commitment to remind each other of God’s presence in our everyday lives by telling each other how we see Jesus each week. A moment I really saw God moving this Monday was when me and some friends were planning an event for some high school kids we volunteer with. The event was outside and of course, it was scheduled to rain.

    The weather had been on and off and over all gloomy all day. As I was picking up supplies (ice cream) for Sundae Monay, it started to pour. By the time we were setting up, the rain stopped and for a full two and a half hours the sky cleared, it became calm and there was a even a pretty sunset. Once we had fed nearly 100 kids a bowl of ice cream, we stood there with the last few lingering high school students looking at the mess of chocolate syrup on the table laughing and dancing. Just as we started to clean up, the rain came again.

    What perfect timing, praise Our God!

  2. Brittany

    As you see God in others, they also see God in you. I see God in you each time I’m around you and look up to you more & more each day.

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