Why Not Work?

Nicole at Work
Nicole at work

I wonder if people wonder why I don’t write more about work. It’s an easy explanation. Although I love my work and find it very fulfilling, my day-to-day work often takes the form of emails, phone calls, writing, editing, planning, and coordinating projects. The details of doing such things are just not exciting to write about, but the fruit of the work is very rewarding.

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a Skype conversation with a good friend who is a missionary in France. Neither one of us is a “conventional” missionary, and we were talking about the challenges our callings pose and the freedom they give. Our world has changed a lot, even during our short lives; and the way of doing missions has changed too.

blown away at staff retreat in Hermanus
blown away at staff retreat in Hermanus

It’s kind of exciting being a missionary in the early part of the 21st century. It is like God has unleashed his creativity, encouraging and calling people to use their gifts and talents, regardless of what they might be, to help build his kingdom. In my case, I’m working with an organization, Growing the Church (GtC), that helps the Anglican Church of Southern Africa to grow in numbers and spiritual formation. As my work at GtC evolves, I am beginning to understand that although most people living in the countries that make up the province may be Christians, many of them have not been discipled well, mainly because of a lack of resources and knowledge. I feel privileged and honored that I can use my gifts and talents in youth ministry and publishing to play a small role in what God is already doing in our province.


7 thoughts on “Why Not Work?

  1. J. Lee Bonnet

    thanks so much, Nicole — your insights are always interesting . . .

    have been thinking about you as I watch the US Open — Rafa continues to dazzle! 🙂

    1. Thanks, J. Lee! I can’t get any us open action on my tv subscription. I’m bummed, but I have been following the open on the radio. Wonder if I can watch some matches online. Hum. Need to check into that. Vamos Rafael!

  2. Sarah Puryear

    Glad to hear an update! I love hearing about what you’re learning about the province and how you can serve the people there. We should Skype sometime soon!

  3. How God uses you is just a piece of the puzzle- the fact that You’re allowing Him to use you in this way is the biggest thing! So cool and awe-inspiring that you can use the same gifts you crafted here in Nashville across the globe to further His kingdom. I look forward to hearing more as the time comes! Thanks for sharing sweet friend. 🙂

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