Prayer Calendar

For months, I have been wanting to put together a prayer journal for South Africa. When I ask my supporters to pray for South Africa and my work here through SAMS and Growing the Church, I often think my request is rather vague, as many people don’t know where to start or for what to pray. (I know I would find it difficult to formulate prayers for such a request.) So I have put together this prayer calendar to help guide our prayers. I hope you will find this helpful as you continue to pray for this country and my ministry. Don’t be fooled—your prayers do make a difference and serve as the foundation of my work. Your prayers do not have to be long, but it would be great if you could commit to pray for the appropriate item of the day, even if it is just for five seconds. (Short prayers work just fine!) Thank you for your commitment to pray for this wonderful country and for me.

You can download a printable Sept 2014 Prayer Calendar to stick on your fridge or to put in your Bible. To find out more about each prayer item, please visit the SA Prayer Calendar on this site at

Thanks for your prayers!


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